On Water

Ely Minnesota Lake Resort

At this Ely Minnesota lake resort, an “outdoor adventure with nature” is what you can expect for your getaway vacation to River Point Resort. Two sandy swimming beaches are spacious and safe. Enjoy the adult and teen kayaks, paddle-boats, and water bikes. Read on a sundeck while gazing at the beauty of the lake, jump on the Aqua Jump floating island raft, or take a day canoeing trip into the Boundary Waters BWCA. Delight in a cookout at one of the campsites on the lake. Whatever your activity or respite, we’ve got it for you.

FREE amenities for the guests

River Point Resort in Ely guests gain access to free beach amenities including complimentary small beach watercrafts to enhance your northern Minnesota cabins vacation:

  • Paddle Boats
  • Kayaks (sit-on-top)
  • Child Size Playaks
  • Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP’S)
  • Aluminum Canoe Use on Birch Lake
  • Aqua Jump Swim Raft with Slide
  • Floating Island Swim Raft
  • Three New Lakefront Firepits for Bonfires
  • Fire Wood
  • Sauna with Garden Shower
  • Canoeing (Guided Trips Available!)


Boundary Waters Canoe Area ~ a million acre wilderness set aside for canoeing!

River Point Outfitting Co., one of the premier Boundary Waters Outfitters, can help plan a self-guided day canoe trip to enhance your resort stay. Germany’s Lufthansa Magazine says, “[River Point’s] location on Birch Lake is a good place to set out on day trips.”

We have everything you’ll need for a guaranteed outdoor canoeing adventure, from canoes, paddles, and life jackets to tasty food and BWCA entry point transport. Plus we’ll make sure you have the confidence to do it!

For Self-Guided Day Canoe Trips, Guided Day Canoe Trips, and Overnight Canoe Trips, and all the details, click to Find Out More…

Sea Kayaks

Try out the Sea Kayaks. These are upgraded kayaks that are different from the complimentary “sit-on-top kayaks. Sleek and fast, and fully skirted. A sea kayak or touring kayak is a kayak developed for the sport of paddling on open waters of lakes, bays, and the ocean. Sea kayaks are basically seaworthy small boats with a covered deck and the ability to incorporate a spray deck. They trade off the maneuverability of whitewater kayaks for higher cruising speed, cargo capacity, ease of straight-line paddling, and comfort for long or short excursions, such as on Birch Lake. Perfect. If you are a seasoned kayaker, then you will fully understand the nuances of these swift kayaks. If you need help, the helpful, capable River Point staff will show you how, and it’s complimentary. Sea Kayak rentals.

Water Biking and Kayaking

Complimentary water bikes let you ride the waves in comfort and style–great for families. World-class boats designed to provide fun for the whole family, as you explore River Point’s “Naturally Superior”™ shoreline. The complimentary catamaran Kayaks (sit-on-top) are attractive, rugged, open-bow boats providing safe fun in a wet environment.

The magnificent views of the lake blending into the horizon, the sound of the wind in the trees, the changing color palette of the water…those are magical elements that you can capture as you quietly kayak on the South Kawishwi River. Maybe watch mommy loon sit upon her nest on the shoreline as you pass by…she comes to the same area every year. Maybe see a busy beaver building his home, or catch a glimpse of an otter darting along the rocky shoreline. So much to see as you move gently through the waters. Kayaking….great for the quiet observer, and great for upper body exercise. Ely Minnesota lake resort activities abound at River Point.

Child Size Playaks

Little ones from about age four to six and seven love the water activities, too. Complimentary child size playaks are perfect for them and teach them valuable balance skills and paddle opportunities to “do it themselves.” Water entertainment for the whole family makes for an even better getaway vacation at River Point.

Stand-Up Paddle-boarding

Complimentary stand-up paddle-boards (SUP) offer a fun, relaxing way to play on the water. And, what a great playground offered at River Point’s bay area on the South Kawishiwi River and Birch Lake, with many days of placid waters to paddle-board on. Expect a full-body workout and because of just that, paddle boarding has become a most popular activity for people of all ages and abilities. Since you stand at your full height, you can enjoy unique views of everything around you in the amazing North Country’s wilderness, right out to the horizon.

River Point staff is here to help you learn how to use the SUP, if this is your first time out. All that is needed is the board, which has an ankle strap, your paddle, a life jacket, and you. The SUP is like standing on a large flotation device, and a leash tethers the SUP to you, keeping it close by if you fall off. Wearing shorts and a T-shirt or a bathing suit…something that moves with you and can get wet is the way to go. The main thing, it is a great work-out on water, and simply tons of FUN! So, give it a try when you vacation at River Point, an Ely Minnesota lake resort.

Playing and Swimming

Children’s playground and beaches! We have a Rainbow Monster Climbing Playground System. Kids love the creativity, the activity, and meeting new friends. Two safe, natural sand beaches to take a dip in. Soak up the sun while spending time building sand castles with the kids or with the “kid in you!” Comfortable chairs and chaise loungers are provided for your complete relaxation at both beaches and on the sundecks and “relaxing areas” along the “Naturally Superior” shoreline of the resort property.

The Rave

River Point’s North Woods Aqua Jump Swim Raft provides summer fun by leaps and bounds. The Aqua Jump is no doubt the coolest place on the water to “chill” out. Play hard or hang out. New is another sweet swim-to raft located at the south beach by the Log Cabin. This hard surface raft is perfect to lay out on or cannon-ball off of! River Point’s Ely Minnesota lake resort has it all.

This fun new water raft made from thick PVC has high quality springs that surround the entire jumping surface that will provide your family with hours of creative play and new recreational challenges.

The 25 foot Aqua Jump is amazing stable and can hold adults and several children on it all at the same time. There is also a slide attachment that is a superb toy for the younger set, and even fun for older kids. This raft is extremely comfortable for sunning and relaxing, too, and is no doubt the coolest place on the water to “chill” out. Play hard or hang out. Something to Rave about!


Floating Swim Raft

Long a standard at swim beaches, this hard surface swim raft with pontoon type floats and sturdy climb up ladder is an amazing fun water platform for adults and children.

This new raft is located at River Point’s south beach adjacent to the Log Cabin and offers a fantastic destination for avid swimmers who may want to swim all the way from the north beach. It is also just perfect for casual swimmers who want a place to rest and sun themselves before hitting the water again. There is no better place on the water to try a good old fashioned “cannon ball.” Kids love the easy climb up ladder and the firm, robust deck beneath their feet. Give this one a try, you will love it!

Floating Lounging Chairs

These incredibly comfortable water lounge chairs are perfect for anyone who loves being in the water with the opportunity to enjoy carefree floating. Preformed high density materials provide a pleasing shape to rest your body in and give you the confidence that you surely will not fall off, unless you want to! River Point’s floating lounge chairs are fun and carefree for families with young children who need supervision in the water, and absolutely perfect for adults who want to float with utter relaxation. Once you are in one, you will not want to give it up…summer fun with a new twist of relaxation!

Shore Fishing

Two great places to choose…either the Birch Lake Dam, which is directly adjacent to River Point’s west shoreline. Or, try your luck at the South Kawishiwi Bridge area, 2 miles away. Some great fishing opportunities at both places, and so close to River Point. This Ely Minnesota lake resort is surrounded by water….so many options for things to do on the water.

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