Misti and Brian R., Central IN…staying in Bayport Vacation Home Cabin

“Amazing Honeymoon! First of all, I just happened to come across your website while searching for a place for our honeymoon. We both like the outdoors and love to fish and camp! I fell instantly in love with your place. I just thought for sure it was one of those things that would end up being too food to be true! It was better in person! trust me, I had my doubts and hesitations simply because of past experience. We hated to leave your corner of paradise and come back to the suburbs of Central Indiana. The week we were there simply wasn’t long enough. We cried when we left! Your place is the place that you only see in pictures. 

The River Point crew are the best and this place is truly the outdoor paradise. It you have that tiny urge to go to the beach and therefore have hesitations to stay here, have no worries, they have two sandy beaches, too. The staff doesn’t bother you. They leave you along with your privacy and to enjoy your stay. You let them know when you want or need something and consider it done. I just cannot say enough GREAT things about this place and the people there!. I promise you will not want to leave. Ahhh, the memories are still so very vivid.”

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